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મેં સેલ્ફ ડિસકવરીના ઘણા સેમિનારમાં હાજરી આપી છે અને તે તદ્દન જીવન બદલવાનું અનુભવ છે જે મેં અનુભવ્યું છે અને આ ગેમ ચેન્જર છે

Mr.Savji Dholakia-Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd

Self Discovery Transformed me very much i have implemented concept explain by Mr.Nilesh Mataria it makes me feel so light i started paying attention on myself i love to do strengthening &  flexibility exercises

Mrs.Hinal Shah-HR Dhiraj Sons

A Life Transformation Course Which Everyone Should Do knowing Positive Thinking & implementation are Completely Different Things And This Course Teaches You To Implement It.

Mr.Kamal Agarwal(M.D.)-RIA Computers Pvt. Ltd.


Transformation University Batch – 17

Taking On The Transformation Challenge And Breaking Through The Temporary Motivation Self Discovery Takes Transformation As A Project And Has Come Up With “Transformation University – Character Gym” – A Journey That Will Transform Your Life.

We Assist Entrepreneur In Defining The Purpose Of His Life, Making Him Aware Of His Hidden Talents And Provide Executive Support To Take Concrete Steps In The Direction Of Their Goal.

We Believe That “Entrepreneur’s Personal Mastery Is Key To Organizational Success”. In Our Experience There Is A Positive Change In An Organization Only When The Leader Of The Company Is Transformed Individually.

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