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“Self Discovery Is Business Consultancy As Well As A Life Coaching Company. Through Its Programs, It Helps In Positive Transformation In The Life And Business Of An Individual.

Our Vision : Revolutionizing The Future Of The World By Taking Human Potential At Its Peak.

Our Mission : “ To Create Success Stories By Holistic Transformation Of People ”


Taking On The Transformation Challenge And Breaking Through The Temporary Motivation Self Discovery Takes Transformation As A Project And Has Come Up With “Transformation University – Character Gym” – A Journey That Will Transform Your Life.

We Assist Entrepreneur In Defining The Purpose Of His Life, Making Him Aware Of His Hidden Talents And Provide Execution Support To Take Concrete Steps In The Direction Of Their Goal.

We Believe That “Entrepreneur’s Personal Mastery Is Key To Organizational Success”. In Our Experience There Is A Positive Change In An Organization Only When The Leader Of The Company Is Transformed Individually.


The Way Of Explanation Is That Inspired By Harvard Business School Where In The Concepts Are Not Imposed On Anyone Rather Made Relatable With Wonderful Examples, Stories, Videos & Jests. Even The Deepest Concept Are Explained And Delivered In Simplest Way By Using These Tools.

Uniqueness Of The Program

Perfect Conglomerate Of Personal & Professional Transformation
Works On A Project Based Transformation
Builds Entrepreneur Holistically
Execution Support & Office Visits
An Add On Networking Platform Where You Can Meet Best Entrepreneurs


Women – The Integral Part Of Society Has Immense Potential & Power To Transform The World. Positive Women Are The Weapon Who Yield Positive Impact On The Society Through Their Contribution At Home And Professional Fields. A Progressive Women May Easily Handle Her Family, Make Each Family Member Responsible, Infuse Good Qualities In Children, Participate In The Social Works And All Would Lead Her Towards The Socially And Economically Healthy Nation.

But This Power That They Have Has Deviated In Wrong Directions. Majority Of Women Lacks Confidence Even After They Have Adequate Talent, Skill & Knowledge. Their Energies Are Wasted In Dutifully Fulfilling People’s Expectations And Not Living For Themselves.

With The Vision Of Energizing Women & Then Energizing World, We Have Designed A Transformation Course For Women That Will Make Their Life A Magical Experience. We Will Help Them Discover The Unlimited Potential Hidden Within Themselves.

KASH : Knowledge Attitude Skills Habits

A Certified Program For Developing Future Leaders, That Will Help Students

  • Gain Confidence & Public Speaking
  • Improve Concentration & Focus
  • To Be Visionary & Goal Oriented
  • Improve Their Emotional Intelligence
  • Develop Gratitude
  • Develop Essential Success Habits

Enroll Now

Transformation University – 1 year proagram – ₹1,40,000
Women’s Transformation – 6 months – ₹25,000
Getting What you Want – Single Session- ₹1,500
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