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Power of Intention

We all are attracted to something or someone. This is called the power of attraction. However, this is also called the Power of Intention as you intend to achieve to do something with someone or some goal. Many times we are unable to achieve this, no matter how hard we try. There are some people who have such a high power of intention that they always ensure that they can fulfill their wishes or goal, no matter what it takes, even if the path to achieve it is wrong.

However, a true person is that who can control his desires, who knows how to achieve his goals in the correct way and how to ensure that they are fulfilled legally. There should not be any kind of ego when trying to get the desired outcome for your goals.

The Power of Intention can be a dangerous development, if someone achieves a milestone, he/she may become overconfident and greedy to get much more than what he/she needs. There are many examples of this- we all have heard how ‘powerful’ godmen conned their female disciples to sexually assault them or how some corporates conned millions of investors to invest in a scheme that yielded debatable results.

The Power of Intention is one which you need to control. No matter how successful or powerful you are, you need to choose the right intent to pursue and not do something that can harm you. Mr Nilesh Mataria, a renowned motivational speaker, will help you to analyse and control the power of intention and how to control it, what to pursue and how to pursue it.

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