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Law of Harmony

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We all take the people and the objects in our lives who perform the same job perfectly every day for granted. If they don’t work or if things change, this is the time we realise how important they are in our lives.

If the office coffee machine breaks down, all of the employees get agitated as they cannot start the day without their cup of coffee. At home, if mother is sick, the father has to get the children ready for school, which he may not be used to.There are many such cases where we are used to a harmonious lifestyle. If there is any change in it we then realise how important each element of our lives are to ensure harmony.

In the workplace too, we tend to take for granted the hard work put in by our office boys and other back office staff who work behind the scenes to make a good impact on our operations. When they aren’t there, that is when things start going haywire.

For us to be sure that the law of harmony is maintained, we need to recognize the efforts put in by the people or machines in our lives. This means that we need to felicitate the efforts put in by the back office staff or regularly maintain the coffee machine so that it works as needed. If, in case they fail, we must be flexible enough to do things ourselves- if the office boy is absent, we should also be able to do his work or get our coffee made from a chaiwalla nearby.

The Law of harmony cannot be maintained just like that, you have to work hard to ensure that all the elements necessary which results in your harmonious lifestyle are well taken care of.

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