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We all express gratitude to our parents, friends, colleagues and teachers whenever they do something good for us. Gratitude is one trait that has to be there in every human being, it is a sign of humility.  If you do not express gratitude to those who have done something good for you, you will be seen as a sort of a maniac.

We need to be grateful to everyone and everything around us, which most of the time we take for granted. We could start by saying ‘Thank You’ to the boy who delivers the morning newspapers to you or appreciate the efforts put in by a colleague for a report that has to be submitted in a tight deadline.

Being grateful to others gives a great reputation to you, people tend to like you more if you are grateful to them.

It has been proven that gratitude helps in developing your personality and enhancing your ‘social capital’. Being grateful is also a big virtue for those in the corporate world. It helps to cultivate a positive and stronger rapport with the subordinates and makes you a much more efficient manager.

It has been noted that about 65% of employees in the US do not receive gratitude for their work, if their managers just appreciate them once for their work, they would have something good to look forward to at work.

Being grateful helps us to be happier and have positive feelings at all times. You also experience lesser causes to be envious.

Gratitude is a trait that can be learnt. Everybody thanks people who do favours for them. You can become more gracious by periodically thanking the people who matter in your life, be it your wife who stands by you by thick or thin or your domestic help who ensures cleanliness in your house. Doing so will make you more likeable and will create an aura of positivity around you.

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