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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the art and science of managing your emotions in such a way so that it does not harm other people or harms the relationships you have with other people. This is extremely crucial for entrepreneurs. There will always be times when you may lose your temper on someone or something if things do not go your way.

If one of your employee is late, it is your duty to ensure that you listen to his reason, not shout at him without understanding first why he was late in the first place. As a manager and entrepreneur, it is your duty to ensure that you empathise with your staff and not shout at them without first listening to their reasons.

When you are celebrating an achievement, you need to ensure that happiness is spread everywhere, all the employees should be participating in the happy occasion. If you are not emotionally Intelligent, you may not be able to hold on to your employees, some of them might ditch you if you keep losing your temper on them or not appreciate them for their good work.

A leader, be it a manager or an entrepreneur, is not considered a good one if he/she is not emotionally intelligent. He/she should be able to control not only his/her emotions, but also control the emotions of his/her employees or subordinates.

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