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Mr. Nilesh Mataria Is The Founder And Owner Of A World Transformation Firm ” Self Discovery ” Which Is Global Pioneer In Personal As Well As Professional Transformation Of People For A Better And Happy Future. He Is Great Influencer, Inspirational Speaker, Brilliant Life Coach And A Business Guru.
Today, He Has Immense Clarity On Personal Transformation Due To His In Depth Research For More Than A Decade. He Inspires People To Comprehend Their True Potential And Emboldens Them To Exploit The Same.

He Has Been A Business Guru To The Top Most Industrialists And Has Remarked Valuable Contribution In Their Business Growth.

His Delivery Method Is A Success In Itself. He Never Imposes Anything On Anybody Rather Always Relates The Concept With Wonderful Examples, Stories, Videos & Jests. He Has This Prodigious Skill Of Delivering Deepest Concepts In A Simplest Way.

He Has Read Hundreds Of Books Of National As Well As International Authors On Varied Subjects Like: Spiritualism, Quantum / Meta Physics, Various Self Help Books As Well As Inspirational Books.

He Strongly Believes That No Organization Transformation Is Possible Without Personal Transformation.

He Not Only Explicates The Principles Of Life But Also Takes Onus Of Instilling Those In People’s Life.

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